Friday, January 30, 2009

Return of the DB 10 x 10

I did this workout a few weeks ago as a Weekend Challenge, and now it's workout C of my program (TT 2K9)! Last time I used 10 lb DBs and thought they were a bit light. This morning I decided to stay at home instead of going to the gym and so I used my 12.5 lb DBs.

DB 10 x10 Circuit
DB Bulgarian Split Squat (4x10 ea side)
DB Shoulder Press (4x10)
DB Step up (4x10 ea side)
DB Chest Press (4x10)
DB Row (4x10 ea side)
DB Lunge (4x10 ea side)
DB Swing (4x10)
DB Shrug (4x10)
DB Incline Press (4x10)
DB Squat (4x10)

First round: 5 min, 17 sec
Second round: 5 min, 23 sec
Third round: 4 min, 51 sec
Forth round: 4 min, 36 sec

Total time, with rest periods, was 22 minutes and 56 seconds. So a little slower than with the 10 lb weights, but I'll get the chance to do this again next Friday!


STBF said...

I threw in a set of the 10x10 this morning at the end of my workout (Day 5 DB BW Fusion). The 10x10 is a great workout and I can't wait to start the 2k9 in another week.

Have a great weekend Abby


Fred said...

I haven't tried these yet, but I think I will tomorrow and finish with your medicine ball circuit. (Tar Heels)
This is a dumb question, but I'm assuming no rest between exercises, just between circuits?

Thanks Abby,


Abby said...

Fred, yes, there is no rest between exercises but you can take a minute or 2 between circuits as needed.

Thanks Fred and Mike for stopping by!