Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend Challenge

Here is the challenge that I proposed this week. I called it the "Lucky 7". I used 10lb DBs for sets #1 and #3, and used a 20lb EZ bar for set #5. I think I could have used a heavier weight, but I wasn't sure how difficult this was going to be and I wanted to be conservative. My goal was to finish in less than 30 minutes. The amount of time it took me for each particular set is in parentheses.

Superset #1 (2:33)
DB bicep curl 5x5
Lying tricep extension 5x5

Superset #2 (3:56)
Plank 2x20 seconds
Bird Dog 2x5 reps per side
Mountain Climber 2x5 reps per side
Side Plank 2x10 seconds per side
Elevated Pushup 2x5 reps per side

Superset #3 (1:59)
Alternating hammer curls 2x8 per side
DB overhead 1-arm tricep extension 2x8 per side

Superset #4 (4:38)
Mountain Climber 3x10 reps per side
Side Plank 3x20 seconds per side
Elevated Plank 3x20 second hold

Superset #5
EZ bar bicep curl 4x6
EZ bar lying tricep extension 4x6

Superset #6
Hanging Knee Raise 3x10 reps
Spiderman Climb 3x12 reps per side
Plank with Arms on Ball 3x30 second hold

Superset #7
chin ups - max reps (8)
close grip push ups - max reps (31)

I didn't take set rest breaks, but just took a short rest when I felt like I needed it. Total time, with rest breaks, was 24 minutes, 56 seconds.

Also wanted to post the link this week's TT Coaching Call: TT Coaching Call
Good stuff this week about the TT 2K4 workouts, losing body fat, accountability, and good salad making (?!).

Only one more week to enter the Turbulence Training Transformation Contest for the full 12 weeks!

And finally, for Today's Tip, something I just read. A recent study showed that chocoholics who took a brisk 15 minute walk were less likely to want their favorite sweet, even when handed an unwrapped bar. So if a craving strikes, take a quick walk and see if that helps!


Kelly Olexa said...

Nice workout!! ROCK it!!


Jessica said...

Looks like a brutal workout! Nice job.

I did a back/bicep workout the other day and my biceps are STILL throbbing from it!

Thanks for the chocolate tip too...I am going to have to get my treadmill tuned up to make sure it can handle all the added chocolate stress relief! :)