Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend Challenge

The Challenge for this week was the brand new TT DB 10x10 matrix (more below). I gave this a try yesterday morning. I used 10lb DBs, but for the DB rows, I put both DBs in the same hand for a total of 20lbs.

1. DB Bulgarian Split Squat (4x10 ea side)
2. DB Shoulder Press (4x10)
3. DB Step up (4x10 ea side)
4. DB Chest Press (4x10)
5. DB Row (4x10 ea side)
6. DB Lunge (4x10 ea side)
7. DB Swing (4x10)
8. DB Shrug (4x10)
9. DB Incline Press (4x10)
10. DB Squat (4x10)

First round: 5 min, 11 sec
Second round: 4 min, 47 sec
Third round: 4 min, 19 sec
Fourth round: 4 min, 21 sec

I took a 1 minute rest between each round, so my total time, including the 3 rests, was 21 min, 55 seconds. I think I will go up to 12lbs next time I try this.

Also, I just read the email from Craig with the recap of this week's Turbulence Training phone coaching call...

- The Inside Scoop on the Original Turbulence Training Workout
- The One Physical Change 52% of Women Want to See in Their Man
- How to Take the Best Transformation Photos
- The 10 Secret Exercises of the New TT DB 10x10 Matrix
- Vegetarian Protein Recommendations

Or you can read the tips on Craig's blog here:

I like these new "coaching calls". I get a lot of good ideas and advice. I can just sit and listen while I'm checking email or whatever. Good stuff!

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Jessica said...

Good stuff here! The dumbbell matrix looks awesome! Will look forward to seeing your times with 12lb dumbbells!