Sunday, March 22, 2009

Final Turbulence Training Contest Pictures

Well, it wasn't the ending I hoped for. This rash looks terrible! But here are the final pictures for my 4th Turbulence Training Challenge. I have to remind myself that it's the journey and not the destination that matters. I am proud of what I accomplished in these past 12 weeks. I had my bodyfat % checked at the gym and it was measured to be about 16% so I am happy about that. I ended the third TT contest at about 17% bodyfat, but at a lower scale weight, meaning that I have definitely put on muscle. I am very happy about that!

Time now to take a little break and rest my muscles, probably for a week or two. I want this rash to clear up and to rest my body before embarking on another workout program. My journey will continue!

Have a great day!


Trixie said...

Your legs look so amazing,much more definition!! Hard work payed off!

Andy said...

Congratulations, look fantastic as always - even with the rashes. Looks good!

Hope those rashes get better here soon for you...

Great job!


Liz said...

Wow, Abby, the rash may be awful but it certainly doesn't hide all that muscle you built! You look absolutely stunning! And, you continue to be a great inspiration for me.

Rest up and get that rash cleared up.

Abby said...

Thanks everyone! The rash seems to be getting better but still itches like crazy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, look terrific!

Awesome back and shoulders! (All those chin-ups show!)

Nice work!


Carla said...

Great work, Abby! An inspiration to us all! : )

jumpow said...

The heck with the rash - look at those quads!