Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Workout

Ugh! Who wrote that mopey post last night? Yikes, I need a better proofreader! Today I am much more stoked. I got to the gym early, as usual. I can always tell I'm the first one to use the restroom because the seat is up and the water is blue, unless some radioactive man has been there, but I digress.

Workout this morning was great. Still working on my shoulders 1-2 times per week and I think I can really see progress. Personal best today on the deadlift at 100 lbs! I think I forgot to post that I had a personal best on squats over the weekend - 3 sets of 8 at 145 lbs. That completes 2 personal goals of mine - squat more than my bodyweight, and deadlift at least 100 lbs.

Today's Workout

55 lbs 1 x 8
95 lbs 1x 8
100 lbs 1 x 8

Superset #1
Standing BB Press (50 lbs) 3 x 8
DB Upright Row (20 lbs) 2 x 8

Superset #2
Lateral Raise (8 lbs) 3 x 15
DB Front Raise (8 lbs) 2 x 12

Abs Circuit
Kneeling cable crunch (120 lbs) 3 x 15
Stability Ball sit up with cross jab (5 lbs) 3 x 20 ea side
DB chop (10 lbs) 3 x 10 ea side

Have a great day!


fitness-siren said...

Hi Abby, first time posting here on your blog. You got some great numbers there! It will be nice to see all your progress at the end of the challenge.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 100lb deadlifts and the 145lb squats! Keep it going!


Jessica said...

Congrats on the deadlift girl - I also like to work my shoulders twice a week - I think if you can blow up your shoulders, it makes a huge impact on how your overall body looks! Keep it up!