Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Tattoo (and Rash) Watch

I can definitely see some fading now (finally!) Or maybe it's just the rash getting in the way! :)

I think the letters look thinner. And the tails on some of the letters are getting very light and have disappeared in a couple spots. Very exciting! I think I am going to try to get another appointment once this beast of a rash disappears.

And speaking of this rash....It's unbelievably itchy! It's worse now than when I first got it. It appears to be at an end stage where it all has dried out and is flaking off. When I scratch my stomach (Bad, bad, bad - I know!) it looks like I have dandruff - there are so many skin cells flying off!

It still looks like I have leopard spots. I hope it goes away soon! It seems like I wake up every morning and it looks a little different. Crossing my fingers that tomorrow it won't itch! I think I'll try an oatmeal bath tonight. I did that a few nights ago and it seemed to work well. I still don't know exactly what caused the rash. It's a mystery!! My 2 year old daughter says to me, "You got polka dots!"

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