Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Have A Diagnosis!!

Guttate Psoriasis. I went to a dermatologist today. He asked some questions. I gave some answers. He picked at my rash. SHA-BAM! He knew what it was! Hot diggity dog! Here's a link with a little more info about guttate psoriasis if you a really interested.

Apparently, guttate psoriasis often shows up after a strep infection. I had a really sore throat at the beginning of March, but never went to the doctor. Today, I got a prescription for penicillin to clear up the strep infection (because the rash seems to still be spreading) and a tub of ointment. The best treatment, though, supposedly is "narrowband UVB light treatment". So I may be undergoing this in the coming weeks. I'll keep you updated!


Fred said...

Good news! You sound happy/relieved to finally know what it is...(Can't remember the last time I heard someone say "hot diggity dog!")

Nice! Good luck with the ointment!


Abby said...

I am really happy! Can't wait to see this rash disappear! :)