Thursday, June 2, 2011

I Am A Marathon Runner

A slow marathon runner, but I finished! And it was a PR! ;)

The first 15 miles went great. This picture was taken just after the 15 mile mark. Still smiling! I was right on pace, averaging a little over 12:00 per mile.

Then it started to rain. And it rained for the next couple hours, during which I finished the remaining 11 miles. I'm not going to lie, I was feeling pretty miserable. I would run a bit, then walk. And when I would walk, my left knee would pop with each step, so I would run. Repeat.

And then it started to lightening and thunder. I had about a mile to go when a woman walked by and said, "You better hurry, they are thinking about closing the course."


Well, I decided I wasn't going to get that near to the finish and have the course close on me! I gave that last mile everything that I had left (uphill!)

I felt so proud crossing the finish line, even though my time was 5:43:22. (Thanks to everyone who stood in the rain to cheer for me!!)

A co-worker (who is a marathon runner) hinted to me that since I am a beginner, the next marathon I run will undoubtedly be faster.