Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekend Challenge and Another New Toy

Here is the Weekly Challenge workout posed on the TT forums. I had done both parts of the workout before, so I wanted to try and improve my times.

Bodyweight 350
45 Prisoner Squats
40 Push ups
20 Jumps
20 SB leg curls
20 SB Jackknifes
40 Step ups (20 per side)
10 Pull ups (OK, I confess, I cheated and used a 10lb assist)
40 Forward Lunges (20 per side)
40 Close grip push ups
20 Inverted Rows (Beginner)
40 Squats
15 Chin ups

Previous time - 14:06
Goal - 13:30
Actual - 12:00 exactly, but I did use the assist this time for pull ups and the last time I did not.

1 Mile Run
Previous time - 10:55
Goal - 10:30
Actual - 9:59! Best time ever!

And, I got a new toy yesterday! It's a beautiful blue 20lb Kettlebell. I had been using a 10lb kettlebell for swings, but it was getting way too light!

Speaking of new toys, I got an email the other day saying my Precision Nutrition V3 had shipped! Whoo-hoo - very excited to get to read that when it arrives! You can still get it for 33% off through January 20th.

Finally, here is the link to this weeks weekly TT Coaching Call: TT Weekly Call. Interesting stuff this week about bodyweight training, planning your workouts ahead of time, and high intensity cardio.

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Andy said...

Hi Abby!!!

Like that new toy, girl!!! have fun with it and watch out when doing them in front of a mirror!! hahaha!!!

Awesome!! First visit to your blog and I like it!!!