Saturday, January 10, 2009

Week Two Update

I think I did better with my goals this week. Only 10 more weeks to go and I have a feeling they are going to fly by!

1. I will make every workout count
I did good this week. I raised the weight on a number of exercises and felt I got good workouts. I also conquered my fear of 1-legged squats and did them in my workout on Wednesday (most with an assist from the cable system, 4 on each leg with no assistance).

2. I will drink less soda
Still drinking too much. I have trouble with this one because I like diet soda too much. Although, I have been drinking near 100oz of water per day as well. Needless to say, I spend a lot of my day going back and forth to the bathroom. :)

3. I will weigh myself ONLY once per week
I weighed myself less often this week, but still more than once. I made this a goal to help myself stop being neurotic about my weight, but I'm not sure it's working. See goal #7 below.

4. I will eat 2200-2500 calories per day while building muscle (to be reassessed as needed)
Way below this week. I think my brain is nervous about extra calories. This week so far I had four days around 1900, one day at about 2100 and one day at about 2500 (pot luck at work). Oddly enough, my ratios for every single day were right around 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbs (within a couple percentage points). I don't think about exact number ratios when I plan my meals for the week, I just try to eat protein and a good carb with every meal (usually just veggies with dinner) with a little bit of fat. Seems to be working great!

5. I will eat cleanly, but will allow cheat meals
Much better this week. Still a few more treats than I probably should have had, but I finished off the sugar free, fat free vanilla ice cream so there's one less temptation. I even made it through a potluck at work without any major guilty feelings.

6. I will eat 5-7 fruits per day

7. I will not worry about gaining extra weight while building muscle
Got a little nervous this week. I think I am having trouble with this because I gained a few pounds over the holidays, and I want to be sure I lose them. I think muscle building now is making me feel like I am still eating too much, like I did a few weeks ago. I may try to lose a few more pounds in an effort to set my brain at ease.

8. I will not neurotic with my diet
Did much better this week! So what if I still weigh my jelly before I put it on my toast. That's not neurotic, right? My husband may beg to differ... I am working on being more flexible in my planning (is that an oxymoron? flexible planning?) so that I will be able to adapt better in the future to unexpected changes.

9. I will not be grumpy at my family
Did better with this goal. I had a lot of energy this week and I got a lot done. This in turn makes me feel less stressed and I am less grumpy. Plus I got a lot done around the house so I don't have to look at half-done projects all the time.

10. I will enjoy the contest and will not allow it to stress me out
Still so far so good!

I think I forgot to mention that I ordered my copy of Precision Nutrition V3. I'm pretty excited to get it because I don't actually have my own copy. I've just heard about bits and pieces from friends. It won't ship until January 20th, but if you order before then, you can get it for 33% off. Check it out!


EM :) said...

((is that an oxymoron? flexible planning))
HILARIOUS!!!!!!! But yes, planning makes success much more attainable! Fail to plan, plan to fail. That's funny, though, about the jelly! :) :)
Keep it up! I like your weekly wrap up, that's a GREAT idea. Keeps things in perspective!
How much time left in this contest???

Abby said...

It's a 12 week contest, and I just wrapped up week 2. My last day will be March 21. But people have until January 17 to start their 12 week transformations, so the contest itself doesn't end until April 11. Thanks for stopping by!

Kelly Olexa said...

Great goals/habits. Keep it up!!
You will rock.