Monday, January 19, 2009

How Fast Do You Eat?

Recently during dinner, I stopped eating for a moment and put down my fork. My 4-year-old son looked at me surprised and asked, "Why'd you do that, Mama?"

I wasn't sure what he was talking about. "Why'd I do what?"

"Why'd you stop eating?"

Good Lord, had the child never seen me take a break while I was eating? This got me thinking, do I ever take a break while eating? Over the next few days I paid attention. The answer was NO! I eat very, very fast!

I've read things about losing weight and how you should put your fork down between bites, or how you should eat slowly because it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register you've eaten. Apparently, I've never taken it to heart. But this week, I'm vowing to eat more slowly, and savor my meals. My son may look at me weird, but I think it may help as I try to keep from snacking so much this week. Is anyone out there a "slow eater"? Has is helped with your weight loss goals?


Anonymous said...

Hello Abby,

Found your blog linked to TT...really like it. Your bodyweight routine you posted on January 15th looks awesome! I'll be trying it later this week...

About 'slow eating': it definitely helps you be more mindful of what your eating; also gives everyone a chance to tell each other how their day was, what's new, etc. Makes you less prone to going for a second helping, not because you're still hungry, but because it tastes good. No second helping = a good thing if your trying to stay in shape.

Great site! Very motivational...please keep posting!

STBF said...

I am definitely not a slow eater! I think my Golden Retriever has subconciously taught me how to eat. I've found that the best way for me to slow down is to pre-eat. During my hour-long commute home, I'll eat an apple. This usually supressed the appetite.

Later Abby,


ps. check out my recent should get me sent somewhere for observation of my mental facilities.

Krissa said...

You still rock with using 10lbs assist for pullups :)

I like that challenge post below.

I like your pretty new blue kettlebell. Mine are just black, but I love them. My hubby bought me a 53 lb kettlebell foe Christmas. Try swings with that! I can get in 10 and I think I might die!!!

Emily said...

hey abby. thanks so much for dropping've really rocked it this last year, i'm so proud of you! i was hoping to join the tt challenge and get back on the forums, but i've been unable to log in for over a week. i've contacted tt help three times but haven't heard back yet. i've still been on my own personal challenge and i have the pics, so we'll see if i can still join. until then, i'm trying to be at least a little more consistent with my blog :)