Monday, May 18, 2009

How You Could Win $10,000

Next week, on Wednesday May 27th at 2PM EST, Precision Nutrition is opening registration for their Lean Eating Coaching Program. It's a six-month group coaching program designed to help you lose fat the Precision Nutrition way - all with the help of expert PN coaches. There's a group for men and a group for women. At the end, one male and one female will each walk away with $10,000!!

Here is a link to Precision Nutrition blog with a video explaining all about it:

Precision Nutrition Transformation Contest

Since I purchased Precision Nutrition V3 earlier this year, I have loved the methods of eating outlined in the book (not to mention the fantastic recipes!). I know that it has been one of the more important tools I have used to obtain my healthy weight. I considered joining this, because the 6 months of coaching would be so cool, but I feel that I am at a healthy weight and wouldn't make a real dramatic transformation.

To qualify for the reward, you have to participate in the Lean Eating program. You get 6 months of world class coaching. If you achieve the best body transformation, you'll win 10K. Spots will be limited, so if you are at all interested, you should definitely check out the link.

Precision Nutrition Transformation Contest

Good luck!!

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