Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream

This is another that uses Muscle Milk. I've tried to mainly use vanilla or chocolate whey because I know that not everyone has Muscle Milk on hand. However, I highly recommend the Cinnamon Bun flavor! :) This one is a bit high in calories from the Muscle Milk, so I recommend looking for it in Light. The orange flavor adds that little je ne sais quoi. It just gives it that little extra flavor like the cinnamon rolls with orange icing that you see sometimes. If you don't have Cinnamon Bun Muscle Milk, you could probably use vanilla whey, but I would increase the cinnamon to 1/2 teaspoon and would probably add 1/4 teaspoon of imitation butter flavoring (found in the supermarket with the other spices and extracts).

Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream

1/4 cup fat free cottage cheese
1/4 cup nonfat plain yogurt
1 scoop Cinnamon Bun flavored Muscle Milk powder
1 Tablespoon sugar free vanilla pudding powder
1 packet Stevia or Splenda
1/4 teaspoon orange extract (optional)
1/4 cup + 2 Tablespoons water
1/2 Tablespoon pecan pieces (optional)
1 Tablespoon whipped cream cheese
1/2 teaspoon honey (regular or sugar free)

1. With your immersion blender, blend everything except the pecans, cream cheese and honey in your freezer-safe bowl.

2. Stir in the pecans, put on the lid and freeze for at least 2 hours.

3. When ready to serve, mix the cream cheese and honey with a splash of water. It should be thinned, but not runny. Drizzle over the ice cream and serve.

Each bowl has approximately:

309 calories
26.0g protein
11.8g fat
25.1g carbs
2.8g fiber

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