Monday, May 25, 2009

How to Lose Fat, AKA Transformation Contests

Hope everyone is having a lovely three day weekend! I've been a bit lazy this week, not posting much, after 31 straight days of posting! But, I wanted to remind you of a few contests that are handing out some nice prizes! For me, the four Turbulence Training contests I joined were the best thing I could do. It gave me motivation, a deadline, and a program that worked. And the Precision Nutrition system that I know and love is fantastic. The Lean Eating Group Coaching Program looks like it will be phenomenal. Social Support is so important when you begin a fitness quest and both of these programs will provide that.

1. Turbulence Training Transformation Contest. The last day to enter this contest and still get the full 12 weeks for your transformation is Tuesday, May 26. You can still enter after that, but you don't get the full 12 weeks to transform. Top prize is $1000 and a 3 YEAR platinum membership to the TT Members website, where you get access to all of the forums and a new workout every month. There are separate male and female categories and you must use Turbulence Training as your workout program. You get three months free to the TT Members website when you purchase TT, but only until Thursday, May 28. Then, it will be changing it to just one month free. Last time I visited I could only see about 65 or 70 people signed up so anyone (yes, you!) could win this one. To see all the contest rules, click HERE.

2. Precision Nutrition Lean Eating Program. Registration for this program begins this week. You must use the Lean Eating Program and the top prize is $10,000! The Lean Eating program is a 6 month group coaching program. There are separate male and female categories. Registration begins May 27, but you can check out the program and join the presale list by clicking HERE. Registration will be limited for this one so sign up early!

Good luck to all of you who join! :)

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