Monday, February 9, 2009

Week Six Update

I took some 6 week comparison pictures on Saturday and I was not impressed. I will really have to work hard to get to where I want to be by the end of this contest. Only 6 more weeks to go!

1. I will make every workout count

Had another great week with Turbulence Training 2K9. Getting a little tired of taking my kettlebells to the gym though! :) My next program is going to be the February Workout of the Month - TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks! I will start that in 2 weeks. :)

2. I will drink less diet soda
Did well on some days, not so well on others.

3. I will weigh myself ONLY once per week

I was all over the scale this week! Not sure why. Just found myself on the scale all week.

4. I will eat 2000-2200 calories per day on workout days and 1600-1800 on non-workout/light workout days (updated goal)
Workout days were: 2611, 2008, and 2187 calories; Non-workout/Light days were: 1545, 1835, 1895 and 2151 calories. A little high again on the non-workout/light days. This next week I am slashing calories, but not too much, as I don't want to lose muscle. I am aiming for closer to 1500-1600 on non-workout/light days, and 1800 on workout days. Although, I am also beginning to cycle calories/carbs, so I may be a bit high or low depending on the cycle. I am trying to take into consideration whether or not it is a workout day.

5. I will eat cleanly, but will allow treat meals

Did well this week. Still using all my new Gourmet Nutrition V1 recipes (from Precision Nutrition V3). Yum yum!

6. I will eat 5-7 fruits/vegetables per day

Achieved everyday except for Friday, depending on the definition of a serving. One of my servings was a cup of cauliflower. If I count that as one vegetable, I only have four for the day. If I say 1/2 cup is a serving, then I count it as two and I achieve my minimum of five. Hmmm....

7. I will not worry about gaining extra weight while building muscle

Didn't worry about gaining weight this week!

8. I will not be neurotic with my diet

Did pretty good this week. I did print out the nutritional information and brought it to the restaurant we went to this weekend, but I don't find that too neurotic.

9. I will not be grumpy at my family

I did awful. I was a grumpity grump!! :(

10. I will enjoy the contest and will not allow it to stress me out

Not too stressed this week. But starting to feel the pressure of not having the results I was hoping for by this point.

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Shantay said...

Girl I can relate to the last goal. I am finding myself stressing over this remaining time.... we have gotta chill!