Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Tattoo Watch

Doesn't have the same ring as last time's Tattoo Tuesday, but I couldn't think of anything snappier. :)

The tattoo is still scabbing up so I have to keep it wrapped up all the time. It's a little inconvenient while I'm working out because it limits my range of motion just a tiny bit. When I look at it, it seems like it's faded, but when I look at the picture, I can't tell. Maybe it's just the lighting. My arm has some little red bumps where it's getting irritated from either the dressing, or the tape, or both. And it itches a little bit. I can't wait until I don't have to wrap it up all of the time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for big changes this time around!


Andy said...

Nice tat, Abby...especially since we share the same sign. You're a water bearer. Cool.

A good friend of mine had hers done last week as well on her ankle. Looks pretty cool, too! Her first!

I don't have any but I've seen some great ones on friends.

Great going! I wished you flexed that arm a little though (j.k., abby...I know it's a bit irritated right now).


Abby said...

Hey Andy, that's cool you're a water bearer too!

Actually I'm in the process of getting this one removed. This is my second laser treatment and my weekly vigil is to (hopefully) watch it fade away!

Anonymous said...

Hey Abby! Looks like the laser changed the color of your shirt from pink to blue!


Seriously, how's it going? It's hard to tell from the picture if it's getting lighter...does it fade over time after the treatments? Hopefully, it's less painful than when you started.

Hang in there!