Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Workout

Must be Friday, time for the DB 10 x 10 Circuit (AKA TT 2K9 workout C). For whatever reason, I didn't feel like going to the gym this morning. And I didn't feel like doing this workout. But I made myself get up, telling myself that I only had to do 3 circuits instead of 4. But once I started doing the workout it felt great and I completed all 4 circuits with my best times yet! I used 15 lb DBs for all exercises.

DB 10 x10 Circuit

DB Bulgarian Split Squat (4x10 ea side)
DB Shoulder Press (4x10)
DB Step up (4x10 ea side)
DB Chest Press (4x10)
DB Row (4x10 ea side)
DB Lunge (4x10 ea side)
DB Swing (4x10)
DB Shrug (4x10)
DB Incline Press (4x10)
DB Squat (4x10)

First round: 4 min, 46 sec
Second round: 4 min, 25 sec
Third round: 4 min, 19 sec
Fourth round: 4 min, 17 sec

And don't forget that today is the last day to take advantage of Ballantyne's Day. heehee :)

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I've used the TT Home Abdominal workout program (Intermediate and Advanced) and liked them both very much!


Anonymous said...

I still haven't tried the 10x10 circuit but it looks great for a bodyweight day...

You're times look awesome! One question: how do you manage to keep shaving time off each circuit? (Is MikeZ standing in the corner with his megaphone screaming at you to go faster?)

Seriously, how do you it? I know I would fade after the 3rd set...

Impressive, Abby!

Abby said...

Hi Fred, I think it probably has a lot to do with getting in a rhythm and knowing the circuit better each time. I don't have to look at my notes as often in the later circuits. And once I get to a certain point, then I'm telling myself that I'm almost done and I'm pushing to finish.