Friday, August 21, 2009

Week In Review - What Goes Around Comes Around

This week's lesson: If you eat like crap, you run like crap.

Work was a little stressful this week, and while I am usually pretty good about it, this week I found myself in a meet-and-greet with a bowlful of peanut m&m's. On more than one occasion. Needless to say, it wasn't pretty. But I did learn a lesson. My morning runs did not feel that great the day after a peanut m&m lovefest.

Here's how the week went:

Saturday: The week started out really well. 6 miles/1:08:38

Sunday: 1/2 mile warm up, 1 mile run, cool down. 1.75 miles/19:33

Monday: 4.09 miles/45:00/TT 2K6 Workout B (later in day)

Tuesday: 8 minute warm up, 3 x 1200 at race pace (6:45 each), 2 min walk in between, cool down. I felt like I could have done 4 x 1200, but I ran out of time because I got to the gym late. 3.34 miles/37:00

Wednesday: 11 minute warm up, 2 miles at race pace (18:00), cool down. 3.24 miles/35:00.TT 2K6 Workout A (after running)

Thursday: OFF

Friday: 11 minute warm up, speed drills like the previous 2 Fridays, but this week was 10-10-5 (x6), followed by 10-10-15 (x3) for a total of 9 intervals with a 1 minute walk between each. I don't think I will be doing my TT workout tonight. Was at work really late and I have a lot to do around the house before I can get to bed! 2.84 miles/37:00

Total Weekly Miles: 21.26 miles

I think I did OK increasing my miles this week. My first week was 18.29 miles, my second week was 19.175 miles, and now this week is just a hair over 10% more of last week, so I think I'm doing this right! :) However, next week my miles will be a little bit reduced, closer to 15 or 16 miles. It's the last week before my race!

This was my last week for TT 2K6. I really liked it. It was a nice complement to my increased running. Next week I am only running. Tomorrow I plan on running 5 miles, then my usual warm up plus 1 mile on Sunday (might complete that last TT workout too), then Monday I am going to attempt 5K at race pace. Tuesday's plan is for a 3 mile easy run, then off on Wedneday and Thursday. Friday I want to do 1 or 2 miles, then Saturday is race day! That sure went fast!!

And there will be clean eating all week!!!! I may try "The Flash Diet" again and start taking pictures of my meals. Helps with accountability!

Finally, Turbulence Training Transformation Contest Finalists are supposed to be announced very soon so get your voting fingers ready!! :)

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Fred said...

Hi Abby!
Man oh man, you're turning into a running machine! I think the nick name "Rocket" is going to have to stick! You're training schedule sounds awesome...I'm envious...wish I was more of a 'runner'...not in the cards, I'm afraid. I push out a mile only when I'm running against MikeZ...otherwise it's a real chore.

Can't wait to hear how you do in your next race...I KNOW you're gonna "rock-it"!

Keep it going Abby!