Friday, August 28, 2009

Week In Review

Today I picked up my bib and timing chip for the race tomorrow. I'm getting a little nervous because it's my first "real" chip-timed race. There will be 500 people running the 5K, and so this will also be my first race that will most likely have a large audience.

I felt really good running this week. My nutrition was pretty good, aside from the bit of sugar free, fat free ice cream I had. :)

Here's how this week's training went:

Saturday: Ran outside for 5 miles. It felt pretty good, and I was proud of my time. It was a run full of adventure, though. I almost stepped on a cicada, nearly got hit by a bee in flight, and even got honked at twice, followed by one "Hey Baby!" (And I wasn't even wearing my short shorts.) 5 miles/51:43

Sunday: 1 mile warm up, 1 mile run, 1/2 mile cool down. I warmed up more than I usually do on Sundays and this was my fastest Sunday mile yet. First week was 11:15, second was 10:12, third was 9:55, and this week was 9:25. 2.5 miles/28:57

Monday: Today I was supposed to run 5K on a treadmill at my target pace. I warmed up for 12 minutes before I started the 5K. I made it 1.5 miles, then walked for 1 minute, then ran 1.6 more miles at my target pace. So I completed the 5K in less than 29 minutes, but had to walk for a minute. Which I think is OK. :) 4.69 miles/50:00

Tuesday: 3 miles at an "easy" pace. 3.22 miles/40:00

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: OFF

Friday: I wanted to do a 1-2 mile run today, just to loosen up my legs. At least, I think that's the reason. I got this "week before race" plan somewhere online, and I think that's what they said about running a couple miles on the Friday before the race. So I did an easy 1.52 miles this morning, and it felt really good! 1.52 miles/15:38

Total Weekly Miles: 16.93 miles

I went back to compare my weekly miles, with how long I spent running them (because I'm nerdy like that) and found that:

Week 1 - 18.29 miles - 3:51:04 (average of 12:38 per mile)
Week 2 - 19.165 miles - 3:40:22 (average of 11:24 per mile)
Week 3 - 21.36 miles - 4:02:11 (average of 11:20 per mile)
Week 4 - 16.93 miles - 3:06:18 (average of 11:00 per mile)

Whoo-hoo! I can be pretty number-driven sometimes, so it's nice to see improvement by the numbers. Gee, I hope I did the math right!

Tomorrow is the big day - wish me luck! Better yet, wish for me not to vomit on the finish line! :)

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Roundballnz said...

I have no doubt you will do well .....