Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Turbulence Training for Abs Program

Hey everyone! Summer is half over – do you know where your abs are? A couple weeks ago I got my copy of Craig Ballantyne’s new TT Home Abdominal Workouts and now it is back up for sale! This is a CRUNCH-FREE Abs program! And the first 100 copies come with a 3-month TT Basic Level Membership to the TT forums and workout of the month club (worth $59.85). CLICK HERE to order! If you do order, let me know and we can start together next week! (I have to finish TT 2K4 before I can start the Abs program.)

The new TT Home Abdominal Workout program includes 5 new workout programs including:

1) The 4-Week Beginner Introduction to CRUNCH-FREE Ab Workout

2) The 4-Week Intermediate Level ANTI-CRUNCH Ab Workout

3) And THREE Advanced 4-Week Home Abdominal Workouts

4) The "TT Abs 300" Workout Challenges (including one for beginners, intermediate, and advanced fitness levels)

5) The Bodyweight Abs program that you can do anytime, anywhere, without a single piece of equipment. (This program comes with beginner and advanced versions too!)


a) The Advanced Ab Nutrition Meal Plans for Men & Women

b) The 5 Motivational Secrets to STOP Cheating on Your Diet and Never Skip Another Workout Again

When you grab your copy before Wednesday, July 23rd at midnight, you'll get:

1) The NEW "Hot Zone TT Fat Loss Workout"

2) "Bikini Ready Abs"

3) The Big 5 Fat Burning TT Circuit Workout

Check out Craig's abs and get his new program HERE!

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