Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Inspirational Garbage

During my TT workout this morning, for my last set of reverse lunges, I was debating on using 25 or 30lb dumbbells, when all the sudden I heard Shirley Manson in my headphones singing, "Don't believe in fear, Don't believe in pain, Don't believe in anyone, that you can't tame".

I went with the 30lbs.

For those of who can't quite put your finger on what song that is, it's "Stupid Girl" by Garbage. I love that CD! I definitely work harder when I'm listening to good music. I guess that would be Today's Tip. Get yourself listening to some good music while working out! What's everyone else listening to these days?


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I have taken a liking to Linus of Hollywood lately.

jumpow said...

I agree - that self-titled Garbage CD is very good. I can't put on "Stupid Girl" though b/c my kids hear her sing "stupid" and then they think they can run around and call everything stupid.

"Vow" is still one of my favorites.

Chad & Shantay said...

We exercise to the Rock Station. Three Doors Down, BuckCherry & Shine Down are the types of music on there. He is so cute when he sings durning the 1st plank.... by the 3rd he can barely grunt. lol

Shari Kraft said...

Very good tip! Glad you picked up the 30's. Woohoo!

Kelly said...

Know what you mean, I can run faster/longer if I have on upbeat music versus slower songs!!!