Thursday, July 3, 2008

Got My Copy of TT Home Abdominal Workouts!

Whoo-hoo! This looks like fun. Finally got a chance to read over my copy of the new Turbulence Training Home Abdominal Workouts that I got yesterday and it looks fantastic. There are some exercises I've never heard of before. Good thing there are pictures and descriptions of each exercise! I love the challenge of a new exercise. If you did all the workouts in the manual, there are 20 weeks worth! There are 4 weeks of Beginner, 4 weeks of Intermediate, and 12 weeks of Advanced (3 phases of 4 weeks each). I'm debating whether to start with the Intermediate or to just jump in with the Advanced. I'll let you know! I have about 3 weeks to think about it - I still need to finish TT 2K4. I just get excited picking out my next program!

Don't forget, the TT Home Abdominal Workouts manual is on sale right now for $27 only until Friday, July 4, at noon EST. You can purchase it by clicking HERE. This is different from the Original TT Program which can be purchased HERE. Don't miss out! I'm glad I picked up my copy. Check back for my results! (Check back in 3 weeks for my results in the Transformation Contest!)

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