Friday, July 11, 2008

I've Only Got 2 Weeks Left!

The Breakthrough Challenge is coming to a close in 2 short weeks. Only 16 days until I reveal my transformation. I need a countdown clock! TT 2K4 is kicking my butt! It's an upper/lower body split, and today was a lower body day. The Bulgarian Split Squats are killer! I've decided I'm just going to jump into the new TT for Abs right after I'm done with the contest. Usually after 12 weeks, you should take a week off, but my 12 weeks "on" aren't exactly lined up with the 12 weeks of the contest, so I should be fine jumping right in. Besides, I don't think I could wait a week - I'm pretty excited to start the new program. I'm going to start with the Intermediate Level.

If you are interested in checking out TT, Craig Ballantyne has 2 new free TT reports - one for women, and one for men. Click HERE for the free report for women. And HERE for the free report for men. Both reports include a free sample workout!

And a big shout out to Judy in cell block C (that's "C" for Cafeteria) if you're reading this! Hope your friend finds my blog useful!

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