Thursday, April 3, 2008

Turbulence Training vs. Body for Life

In 2005, a year after my son was born, I entered the annual Body for Life 12-week challenge and got pretty good results:

Then I got pregnant again and gained a lot of weight. About a year after my daughter was born, I competed in the 1st ever Turbulence Training transformation contest in early 2008. If I had to choose between TT and BFL, it would be TT all the way. BFL worked well, but with TT, I spent MUCH LESS time in the gym and I think my results are better! Even though I am heavier and more out of shape in my TT Before picture, I look BETTER in my TT After picture than in my BFL After picture. And that's with less time working out!


Mark said...

I guess it's not really a "body for life" :)

Yeah TT!


Abby said...

Hi Mark,
It probably didn't help that I gained a lot of weight with my pregnancy. When I started looking at exercise programs, going to the gym almost every day (as I had done with BFL) just wasn't appealing, particularly now that I had 2 small kids at home and was tired because I wasn't sleeping through the night.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

good for you for doing both. You look great in all the pix. keep up the awesome work.