Friday, April 18, 2008

They're Real...And They're Spectacular!

This morning during my TT workout I saw something that I knew existed, but wasn't sure I had seen for myself. I thought I had caught a glimpse on Wednesday during my DB rear delt raises. So today, I did a set of lateral raises to be sure and there they were! The mythical anomaly was right in the mirror looking at me - shoulder striations!


A couple times a week after my workouts I attempt unassisted chin ups. So today I gave it a go. I did 3. THREE! In a row! If you ask anyone who saw me leave the gym this morning they will tell you I floated out. And if you saw me in my car on the way home, you would have seen me dancing and singing along with the radio. "La-ay down the boogie and playthatfunkymusic 'til you di-ie!"

Great workout this morning!

Just a reminder, if you still need to vote in the Turbulence Training Transformation contest, you can CLICK HERE! I'm contestant # 7! Thanks if you vote for me! You have until Monday, April 21 to vote - one vote per IP address.


Sara said...

Hi Abby,

thanks for dropping by my blog. Now c'mon, what's so bad about having the surface of your eye opened up for a little bit of 'laser ablation'? Interval cardio is far worse and you don't get any sympathy afterward!

Congrats on the shoulders.

dommebell said...

Congratulations on the chin ups! I'm *almost* able to do three unassisted ;)

I'm also really glad to find someone who uses GN! I ordered it after finding out about it on Skwigg's blog, I have some butternut squash soup on the stove at the moment

Abby said...

Hi dommebell,

I ordered mine after reading about it on Skwigg's blog as well! I'll have to try the butternut squash soup. I wonder if it can be made with pumpkin instead? I'm a big pumpkin fan!