Friday, April 25, 2008

TT for Amazing Abs

I did my last Advanced TT for Women workout this morning. Next week I am beginning TT for Amazing Lower Abs. This was April 2008's workout of the month. (Available to download when you purchase Turbulence Training HERE.) I have been really proud of myself because in the last 4 weeks I was able to lower the weight I use for assisted chin ups. I started at 55lbs, and for my workout this morning, I used 35lbs. During this time I also raised my split squats from 65 to 70lbs, and did 3 unassisted chin ups in a row for the first time in my entire life! I am ready to move on though; I haven't been getting the DOMS like I used to! Look out Amazing Abs - here I come!

1 comment: said...

3 unassisted chinups!?! I'm officially jealous! lol.

I noticed your Breakthrough Challenge badge but I couldn't find reference to it on the forum. Can you lmk where to locate it? Thanks Abby!

p.s I am adding you to my blogroll as we speak.