Thursday, April 3, 2008

Roping cattle?

I made the Rancher's Omelet from Gourmet Nutrition last night. (Yes, for dinner. We often eat breakfast for dinner.) The book says it takes 5 minutes prep, and 10 minutes cooking time. I put the sausage in the pan at 4:56pm and was sitting down to eat at 5:08pm. Now, having said that, I did change the recipe a little bit. They say to cook the sausage and then dice it and then you add it back in later. Not sure if they use breakfast links or what, but I used the sausage that comes in a casing. I opened the casing and crumbled the sausage in the pan. Then I added the veggies, then the egg, and finally the cheese. I didn't use all the veggies they suggest so if I had it probably would have added about 2-4 minutes of chopping time. It was tasty! I think of cooking as a method. I don't always follow recipes exactly, but they give me great ideas. Oh, here's a picture of my omelet. I made the "small" serving. To keep with the breakfast theme, I added the grapefruit half.

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