Thursday, April 10, 2008

In Case of Emergency, Break Glass...

...and bring a protein bar to work! I'm 19 hours into my fast and I have to admit I'm not near as hungry as I thought I would be. I'm not shaky, and I'm in a pretty darn good mood. Missing breakfast was no problem, even missing lunch was fine. I went to the cafeteria to get a diet soda and didn't dive headfirst into the condiment bar. But now it's that time of day when the afternoon munchies can creep in. This can be a hard part of the day even when not fasting. I still have my protein bar in my bag, just in case. There's something psychological about just having it there. It's power and control over food. It's saying, "I have it, but I choose not to eat it". It's the same way when not fasting. You can choose to eat the blueberry muffin, or not. Perhaps fasting will teach me to be more disciplined with my nutrition in general.

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