Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Excessive Energy In The Vortex...

That's what one of the local weatherman actually gave as part of his forecast while we were on vacation. It just made me crack up laughing. :)

Our vacation was fantastic. A whole week with no computers, and no phones. We went swimming with the kids, and fishing, and did LOT of eating! LOL I did manage to fit in 3 workouts. Monday and Friday I ran about 3 miles (in preparation for the 5K race that I signed up to run at the end of the month), and on Wednesday I used a TT bodyweight workout.

And, I caught a big fish! Well, big is relative, I suppose, but it's one of the biggest I've ever caught. It was a 16" largemouth bass, which we'll be having for dinner later this week. :) Here's a picture:

And here's a picture of my son being very brave and sticking his finger into the fish's mouth:

It was a very fun and relaxing week. It's been tough getting my sleeping and eating schedule back on track, but with the race getting closer, I want to make sure I'm drinking more water, and sleeping and eating well.

Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Abby!
Sounds like you had a terrific time on vacation!(That's a BIG fish!)

Glad you're back.

Stay strong,

Smoketheblowfish said...

A bit of RandR is always a good thing. I'd love to get away from the TV, phone, and anything needing electricity for a week.

Like Fred said, glad you're back...now get back to training for the 5k.


Abby said...

Thanks you guys!

And LOL, Smoke, always straight to the point!