Sunday, September 7, 2008

Turbulence Training Announcement

As of September 15, Turbulence Training is raising the rates for their TT Members website.

Here are the details...

1) If you are a current TT Member, your Membership Plan does NOT, and will not ever change. You are LOCKED IN at your low rate for life, unless you cancel. If you are a current member, you don't have to take any action right now, you are set for life.

2) If you are not yet a TT Member, you can join before September 15th for only $19.95 for a BASIC membership or $197 per year for a PLATINUM All-Access Membership (and NO monthly fee).

3) But if you wait to join TT Members until AFTER September 15th, it will be $29.95 per month for a BASIC Membership or $197 to jointhe PLATINUM Level plus $39.95 per month.

You can use this link to join the TT Members site to lock in the current rates: Turbulence Training Preferred Customer Discount Offer

Or you can use this link if you just want the TT Manual, which includes a 3-month free basic membership to the forums: Turbulence Training Manual

Either way, the last day to enter the contest is September 14 (CLICK HERE for Rules). As of today, there were about 55 people signed up for the contest. Think you can beat the other 55 contestants? Sign up!

This the video that the folks at TT created after the first contest. See if you can spot my You Tube debut!

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