Saturday, August 9, 2008

Turbulence Training for Abs Update

It occured to me yesterday that I have been using the new TT Home Abdominal Workout Program for 2 weeks and haven't even posted anything about it! (Sorry!) I've been using the Intermediate program and I really like it. It has a different kind of push up in each workout, which I enjoy. There are 3 different workouts and each one takes about 45 minutes, including the interval training. My abs...have been sore for 2 weeks! LOL Not "hurts to laugh" sore, but abs-feel-tight-all-day sore. A very good sore. And I haven't done a single crunch! At first, I thought I would only use the Intermediate for 2 weeks and then move on to the Advanced. But I am really liking the Intermediate and so I have decided to stay with it for the full 4 weeks. Then I am going to take my week off, which should bring me right about to the time that the next contest will start. (This is all speculation on my part; I have no confirmation of when the next contest will start.) If the next competition does start then, I believe I am going to use TT for Mass again - phase one and phase two for the full 8 weeks of that program.

As for now, my metabolism must be on fire. I'm up about 1 pound from where I finished the contest 2 weeks ago, even though I have been indulging in cashews, sugar free ice cream and (shh!) even had french fries. I'm very happy with that pound as it is easily a product of daily fluctuations. I'm not looking to lose much more weight; I'm working at maintaining my current weight until I begin the mass building program again (and then I'd like to gain a pound or two of muscle).

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Chad & Shantay said...

Hey Abby. Sounds like all it going well. Today we are going to start another TT workout. I can't remember what we are going to do. We decided last week and the name slips my mind. I will prolly post about it tomorrow. I am excited about the new competition. We plan on continuing this new workout until the start of the next competition, with the week before being a semi-rest week.

Keep up the good work!