Friday, August 29, 2008

New Turbulence Training Contest Starts August 31

New contest starts August 31! CLICK HERE for the TT Transformation Contest rules.

But wait, there is a second contest that starts September 1, and YES, you can enter both. CLICK HERE for the rules to the 4-week TT Twitter Twansformation Contwest!

The TT Transformation Contest is the regular 12-week competition; the Twitter Contest is a 4-week competition and you must use the Twitter website and post everytime you do a TT workout. If you read the rules closely, you'll notice you don't actually have to purchase TT to participate, but you do have to use it. Having said that, I still would highly recommend purchasing at least the basic Turbulence Training program, as you get 3 months FREE to the forums! I know that the support I have received on the TT forums has been critical to my weight loss success.

I plan on entering both contests, start date of September 1! I have to confess, this Twitter thing is kind of addictive!

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