Friday, May 2, 2008

Week in Review

Eat Stop Eat: My 4-week Eat Stop Eat experiment has concluded. In that time, I lost about 5 lbs and about 1-2% body fat. I liked it because I didn't have to plan or cook meals on my fasting days. It was easy to do and the calorie deficit was just as if I had been "dieting", but without the dieting. It's given me more control over what I eat and it's easier to "just say no". It feels empowering to be in control of what you eat. I'm at the point where if I want cheesecake or [insert other treat here] I can have a small piece and not want to eat the whole cake. You can and should be able to live your life without restricting yourself all the time. That's just going to set you up for a binge. But you have to gain that control first. I will definitely use Eat Stop Eat in the future for weight loss, but also if I feel my will power slipping and want to regain that control.

Body fat: I had my body fat % tested at my gym this week. She took measurements at my abdomen, thigh, tricep and suprailiac. Using her 4-measurement chart, I was at 24%. Using her 3-measurement chart (without the thigh), I was at 27%. I went online and plugged my measurements into the Jackson/Pollack 3 and 4 measurement method and got 24% for both. So, bottom line, if 3 out 4 say I am at 24%, that's what I am going to go by!

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