Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So What Exactly IS Turbulence Training?

I've been asked this question and others many times in the past few weeks and so I thought I would try to answer all of them here:

1. Turbulence Training is a program of a specific series of strength training exercises and high intensity interval training. Each TT program is 4 weeks long and then you change to a different TT program. This keeps you from plateau-ing.

2. Yes, it really takes only about 45 minutes, 3 times a week. Sometimes it takes me a little closer to an hour.

3. Yes, you will sweat.

4. Yes, you will be sore.

5. No, there is no special "diet" associated with TT, but there are places to discuss nutrition on the TT forums. And you get "Turbulence Training Fat Loss Nutrition Guidelines," by Dr. Chris Mohr, Ph.D., as a bonus when you order.

6. No, it's not a video. It's an E-Book that you download immediately after purchase. I like to print mine and keep them in a 3-ring binder for easy access. There are many TT programs available to download from the TT Members Website.

7. Yes, you can do this program from home. You will needs dumbbells, a stability ball, a step and maybe a place to hang from/do pull ups. I go the gym because I outgrew my weights.

8. Yes, there are pictures and instuctions for all the exercises in the manual. And if you have any questions, just post them on the forum. There are no stupid questions!

Don't forget you get 3 months free to the forums when you order. CLICK HERE if you are interested! Also don't forget you have until May 31 to enter the Transformation Contest. I highly recommend it as it is very motivational to have a deadline. Plus the extra support in the Transformation Contest Forum is priceless. Come join me in the Breakthrough Challengers!

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