Monday, May 12, 2008

Say Yes to Carbs!

Found a blurb in Fitness magazine about a study done at Pennsylvania State University saying people who ate five servings of whole grains a day as part of a low calorie diet lost more abdominal fat than those who only cut calories. So go eat some carbs already!

Speaking of carbs, I just remembered I took photos of the granola I made last week and forgot to put here on the blog. I added golden raisins but dried cherries or cranberries would have been good as well. It was quite yummy and I will be making it again very soon!

In other news, TT for Amazing Abs is kicking my butt! On Saturday it hurt to sneeze/cough/laugh. This morning I raised the weight on 2 exercises and I really feel it now. I'm in my 3rd week of this particular program so it's nice to still be progressing and not plateau-ing.

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