Thursday, May 22, 2008

Join the Contest by May 31!

Just a reminder - May 31 is the last day to enter the TT Transformation Contest! If you use the "try me" Turbulence Training for less than $5, you are eligible to enter the contest! The $4.95 gets you all the same bonuses that the full $39.95 does (including access to the forums). You just get to test drive it for 21 days to decide if it's right for you. If it is, then you pay the remaining $35.00. Knowing what I do now, and based on the results I am achieving, $39.95 is a steal for the program. Getting to try it for $4.95 is pretty cool because I know I was skeptical when I first saw TT online. The key for me has been the online support. Checking into the forums and seeing everyone's struggles and progress is so motivating. And even though we are all competing against each other in the contest, there is a sort of "team spirit". Everyone is quick to offer advice or a "well done". If you are on the cusp of beginning a new exercise program, first, I highly recommend Turbulence Training, and second, I highly recommend you join the contest!

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