Monday, November 30, 2009

Race Results and Other Updates

Oh boy, has it been a busy weekend!

The 10K race on Thanksgiving went great! It was a 9:00am start, so I had a bowl of oatmeal at about 6:15am. We got to the race site at about 7:45am and it was cold, windy and rainy - yuck! We sat in the car to keep warm. I started to jog and warm up at about 8:20am, and then looked for my teammates. It was a big race though, and I couldn't find them! I decided I needed to use the porta-potty "one more time" and was still in line as they were singing the Star Spangled Banner! I got to the start line with just a couple minutes to spare.

There were 1544 runners for the 10K (and I think about 2500 for the 5K run/walk). I went into the race with the mentality that it was just another 6 mile training run. No pressure - just find a good pace and stick with it. I was recovering from the stomach flu as well (of all the rotten timing) so I wasn't looking to break any records - I just wanted to finish!

My first mile was a little over 9:00, my second mile was closer to 10:00. I just kept that pace as best as I could. My 5K split time was 29:38 so I knew I was on pace to make my goal of less than an hour. I felt really good the last half, especially the 5th mile for some reason. I ended up finishing with a time of 59:18. I was really happy with my time, and I could really tell that all of that training paid off. My overall pace was 9:33 and I placed 1151/1544. In my age division I placed 62/113 and out of 688 females, I was 412. My husband took a picture at the finish line, but I can't find the cord that connects the camera to the computer. I'll try to post the picture when I find it. LOL

I was so proud of our team as well! We all finished strong and came in 24th out of 28 teams. Over half of us on the team had never run a 10K race before, so we certainly weren't in it for the glory; just for challenge and to say we did it!

After the race, we went home and I started Thanksgiving dinner. I made healthier versions of just about everything. We had a ton of turkey left over! I made a big pot of turkey soup with the leftovers. Friday I hit the local bargains and almost finished all of my holiday shopping.

Saturday morning I went for a short run at the gym. True to form, 2 guys on the stationary bikes behind me were comparing how big their turkeys were. :) Then we traveled to another wedding in Iowa. (How many people do I know in Iowa, and why are they all getting married?) Needless to say, Hubby and I overindulged a bit at the reception.

Sunday morning I went for a run outside. It was a beautiful morning and a good way to start the day. I would guess it was between 2 and 2.5 miles. On the drive home, Hubby wasn't feeling well (gee, I wonder why) and so when we stopped for lunch, he decided to order...wait for it...just an order of onion rings! I had a salad and a cup of soup (thankfully no turkey!)

This morning I started the original Turbulence Training Workout. I had a week off from TT last week, and this week I will take off from running, which means I will probably do my TT intervals on the stationary bike.

Whew! I think I am caught up! Final contest pics coming soon!!

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