Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Immersion Blender...Of Death!

As some of you may remember, a few months ago my beloved immersion blender went to the great kitchen in the sky. My very thoughtful, well-meaning husband bought me a new one...for our wedding anniversary. But I'm not bitter.

Needless to say, my husband is a man who can't cook. (Not that men can't cook; just stating the facts that my husband is a man who can't cook.) My husband, a man who has probably never used an immersion blender in his life, bought me one that, well, I probably wouldn't have picked out for myself.

It lacks a few qualities that I really loved about my old one. For example, my old one was cordless. This one is tethered to an outlet. Also, my old one had a safety lock. This one does not. As evidenced by my new battle wound. Apparently, I have an itchy trigger finger.

Not a great picture. I tried to show the left, center and right of my finger because I managed to hit all 3 sides. It looks much better (read: uglier) in person. I am now much more careful when I try to clean off the blade while it's plugged in. :)


Krissa said...

yikes! that sucks! I bet it scared you to death too.

I dont have an immersion blender but I watched someone use it on TV and I kinda want one now. I didnt realize they were so powerful.

Abby said...

It did scare me! It was one of those split-second conversations with my brain - "Why does my finger hurt? Hey, wait! Stop pressing the button!" And then it started to bleed all over so I ran my finger under cold water and grabbed a paper towel, but I was trying to finish dinner, etc, etc. I actually thought it was going to be MUCH worse, so I was lucky, I think.

Oh, and don't let my story scare you. You should definitely get an immersion blender. :) I use mine every day.

Primal Mama said...

If it makes you feel better, my husband doesn't cook either (and buys me stuff like running pants/heart rate monitors for my anniversary, very romantic, I know.). He did the same thing once with our immersion blender (probably the first and last time he used it). You both were really lucky those things are very powerful!

Abby said...

That actually does make me feel better! LOL :) Good to know that I am not alone. (I'm asking Santa for a new heart rate monitor for Christmas!)