Monday, October 19, 2009

Week In Review - End of Week 7

I wanted to post this yesterday, but my weekend was so busy, and then my son was sick with the flu and time just flew by. I'm feeling a little tired myself. Hoping I didn't catch the flu as well. Today was my day off from workouts, so I got a little more sleep and my muscles got a rest.

This week did not go as well as last week. My eating was all over the place. I had some good days, some OK days and 2 terrible days. I think it's stress-related. I'm definitely an emotional eater. I was really proud of myself today. I stayed late at work, and it was just me and the peanut m&m's. I was ---->thisclose<----- to having one (who am I kidding? I wouldn't have stopped at one), but then I remembered I had a jar of unsalted, dry roasted peanuts in my desk for just such an emergency. They hit the spot and I didn't eat a single m&m. Workouts went well, though. TT for Mass @ Home has been a great workout. I don't know why I've never used it before!

Here's how the week went:

Monday: Hill workout. This was a really tough workout. I know that I need to do more hill workouts to improve my running. 1 mile warm up, 2x200m hill (8% incline)/400 m recovery, 2x400 hill (6% incline)/400m recovery, 2x200 hill (8% incline)/400m recovery, 1/2 mile cool down, 8 minutes walking - 4.36 miles/50:00

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: 2.10 miles easy (25:00)/TT Mass @ Home, workout B/TT 3 Minute Arms

Thursday: 5 mile pace workout - 1 mile warm up, 1x400m/200m recovery, 1x1600/400m recovery, 1x400m/200m recovery, 1x1200/400m recovery, 1x400m, 1 mile cool down, 6 minutes walking - 5.30 miles/60:00

Friday: TT Mass @ Home, workout C

Saturday: Today was my first run in the double digits. It was a beautiful morning - 33 degrees (F) and sunny. A little chilly for the first mile, but then I felt great. Had a short break (5 minutes at most) at 5 miles while I ran inside my work to retrieve an item I had forgotten on Friday. 10 miles/1:42:19 (10:14 pace)

Weekly Total: 21.76 miles

Primary Contest Goals
Eat healthfully and mindfully, with foods more in their natural state: Not good. Not good at all. Need to pull myself together here. :)

To NOT use Fitday: Checked in again a couple times this week. With those stressed eating days, I wanted to see how I was doing. Not using Fitday is only going to work as long as I only eat healthfully.

Complete every TT workout to the best of my ability: Yes

Run 15-20 miles (at minimum) per week: This week I ran 21.76 miles. The program I am following for running increases the miles a little at a time, so I think next week I am running about 24 miles.

Complete two 5K races, with at least one of them under 30 minutes: Complete! Ran two 5K races, both at 28:32.

Secondary Contest Goals
Lose 5 pounds of fat (mostly from abs and thighs): N/A this week.

Reduce consumption of diet soda: This week I drank more than usual, which I think is one of the reasons I didn't eat well. It seems that when I drink more diet soda, my eating gets...less than stellar. I read that artificial sweeteners can bring on cravings, so maybe that is what happens.

That's it for this week. Gotta get up early tomorrow morning, so I'm going to go to bed early and see if I feel better in the morning.

Have a good night!


Primal Mama said...

I'm with you on the diet coke. I decided to give it up last week. I think it was triggering cravings.

Abby said...

Yeah, I just started noticing that as my soda intake goes up, my late night snacking goes up. So definitely have to get that back in check. I was doing good for a while. I made a carafe of decaf iced tea last night and am going to drink that in the evenings to see if that helps. I'm not quite ready to give up diet soda yet. I compare it to a smoker - they have to want to quit to make it work. I'm not ready to completely give up diet soda, so I know it won't work to give it up. I just want to keep it in check. Wow, I've just been rambling on and on here! :)

Krissa said...

I am SO with you on the diet soda. I drink diet dew. It seems like I just cave after drinking two cans of dews. I think its because A) I am not really hydrated which leads to foggy brain B) I want sugar C) I feel like I have already went off plan with drinking junk so I EAT junk too.

Good job on progression towards you goals.

Abby said...

Thanks, Krissa! Usually I have a little diet soda with lunch and a little with dinner. If I deviate from that and have a larger soda, or have one with my afternoon snack, then I often find myself in the kitchen in the evening looking for snacks. I'd like to blame it on stress, but it's still MY CHOICE to buy the larger soda; it's still MY HANDS filling up the larger cup. I need to just take a step back and get out of that habit.