Sunday, October 4, 2009

Week In Review - Week 5 (Including Race Results)

Can you believe Week 5 is over? YIKES! I think this week went just OK. I didn't have any ice cream, which is good, but I only replaced it with something WORSE. I have rediscovered my love of eating peanut butter out of the jar. Bad, bad, BAD! In the evening, I've been craving smooth, rich foods. Peanut butter, ice cream, cream cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc. Does this mean I'm lacking something in my diet? Maybe I need to eat more rich foods earlier in the day. I will NOT eat peanut butter out of the jar anymore!!

This week I started the TT for Mass at Home workout and it's been great. Workout A makes my arms feel like jelly all day. :) Workout B is lower body, and I took it real easy this past week since I had a race yesterday (more on that in a minute). Workout C is total body, but more focused on the upper body than the lower body. Since it's a mass-building workout, there are no intervals. So this workout is perfect as I continue my running. I can't remember if I mentioned this already or not, but I've signed up to run a 10K race in November!

So here's how the past week went:

Sunday: Ran 2 miles, easy pace; TT Mass @ Home, workout A; TT 6 Minute Abs (This was technically the last day of Week 4, but it was my first day of TT Mass @ Home.)

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: 3 Mile Stride Workout (38:00); TT Mass @ Home, workout B; TT 3 Minute Arms

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: TT Mass @ Home, workout C

Friday: Ran 1.74 miles, easy pace

Saturday: 5K race, 28:32. My time was EXACTLY the same as my time from the race 2 weeks ago. Except this race was better because I didn't feel like I was going to puke on the finish line! :) There were only about 125 people, and for many of them, I think it was their first 5K. I placed 10th overall, and 2nd in my age group.

Sunday: Ran 2 miles, easy pace; TT Mass @ Home, workout A; TT 6 Minute Abs

Primary Contest Goals
Eat healthfully and mindfully, with foods more in their natural state: Healthfully, I did good. Mindfully, not as good. That peanut butter isn't jumping out of the jar by itself.

To NOT use Fitday: Still going well.

Complete every TT workout to the best of my ability: Yes

Run 15-20 miles (at minimum) per week: Week 5 - only a little over 10 miles, because of the race on Saturday.

Complete two 5K races, with at least one of them under 30 minutes: Complete! Ran two 5K races, both at 28:32.

Secondary Contest Goals
Lose 5 pounds of fat (mostly from abs and thighs): N/A this week.

Reduce consumption of diet soda: This week I bought some decaf tea so that I could make iced tea instead of drink soda at dinner time. We'll see how it goes!

Before I forget, here's the link to the TT Weekly Call: TT Fat Loss Coaching Call

This week, Craig talks about the TT program he used to help an actress do her first chin up (TT for Female Strength). He also talks about sticking to your plan, the best lower ab exercise, and the "300 Workout" from Men's Health Magazine.

Have a great week!

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Smoketheblowfish said...

Abby, great job on the non-hurling 5k! 2nd in your age group is awesome, not to mention 10th overall!!!

As far as the Peanut Butter, where's the love? It could be that your body knows better than you...craving proteins and natural fat.

I'm curious about the new plan. TT For Mass coupled with 15-20 miles of running. Is it possible to do both without cancelling out some of the desired effects? I've been hitting the HIIT's pretty hard twice a week and doing 1/2-1 mile intervals on Sunday (the active rests are really an excuse to throw in extended bodyweight exercises). While my mile time hasn't dropped, the 5k went sub 25 mins plus the added bonus of some natural HGH spiking.

Great job as always Abby

stay the course


Abby said...

Thanks! Someone on the forums asked me that too. I'm not really looking to build a lot of mass, I just really like "meathead" style TT workouts. And I like the "at home" part. I can run in the morning, and do my TT workout at home in the evening if I have to.

Great job on the sub 25 min 5K!

Abby said...

Oh, I almost forgot. About the peanut butter. I thought of that too. So I'm trying to eat more good fats earlier in the day to see if that keeps the pb monster away in the evening. :)

Smoketheblowfish said...

I thought you would probably say that.

Once again, great job.


Smoketheblowfish said...

Abby, I found a great article by Jon LeTocq that may help you with the running...seems to be right up your alley.

some pretty good info