Sunday, October 25, 2009

Week In Review - Week 8

Only 4 more weeks to go! This week went sooo much better than last week. Nutrition was much better. Only a few stray tablespoons of peanut butter! The trick, I find, is to not open the jar of peanut butter. ;)

Workouts were pretty good. Toward the end of the week, I was feeling a little tired and I couldn't figure out why. My son just had the flu, so maybe I had a very, very mild version?

This week I started thinking about when I began really running (just a few months ago, ahh, the good old days...) and I was looking at my first long run that I did on August 1st. On that day, I ran my first 6 miles (all in a row!) at a pace of 13:46. (Total distance: 5.8 miles, Total time: 1:19:49) I also went back and looked at my first "Endurance Test" that I did in April of 2008. I had set the speed on the treadmill at 5.0 mph...and made it 10:18 before I had to stop. I was proud of that at the time, and I'm even more proud of the improvements I've made since then.

I also began a new workout today! I went back to a workout I used waaaaaayy back during the first TT contest in the winter of 2008 - the Original TT for Abs. I got great results using this program in the past and am excited to see how it goes this time around.

Here's how the week went:

Monday: OFF

Tuesday: Stride workout - 4.38 miles/50:00; TT Mass @ Home, Workout B; TT 3 Minute Arms

Wednesday: 2.93 miles, easy pace/29:44; TT 6 Minute Abs

Thursday: Pace Workout - 5.31 Miles/60:00

Friday: TT Mass @ Home, Workout C; TT 6 Minute Abs

Saturday: Felt tired today. Took about 3 miles to feel warmed up. It was cold and windy and it seemed like I was running into the wind for a lot of the run. 8.05 miles/1:25:41

Sunday: Today I felt much better. TT for Abs has an extra interval workout with push ups and other exercises built in that I wanted to fit into my week, but I wasn't sure where it could fit. I decided to shorten my Sunday run by a mile, and then do the interval workout right afterward. From my driveway, I quickly ran down to the corner and back, which took me about 30 seconds, and then did the exercises. I went through the 3 intervals twice, figuring my neighbors had enough of a show watching me do the push ups, etc, on my driveway. Then I went to the gym and did Workout A. Total: 2.05 miles/19:28/TT for Abs, Workout A

Weekly Total: 23.14 miles

Primary Contest Goals
Eat healthfully and mindfully, with foods more in their natural state: Much better this week!

To NOT use Fitday: Did OK.

Complete every TT workout to the best of my ability: Yes.

Run 15-20 miles (at minimum) per week: Completed this week.

Complete two 5K races, with at least one of them under 30 minutes: Complete! Ran two 5K races, both at 28:32.

Secondary Contest Goals
Lose 5 pounds of fat (mostly from abs and thighs): N/A this week.

Reduce consumption of diet soda: Decreased soda this week to a more normal level. No more, no less. So that's good, I guess. Hey, that rhymed! :)

Have a great week!!

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