Friday, December 26, 2008

New Turbulence Training Contest

The 4th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest begins today! I was dead set against joining, but ultimately I decided that if I am going to be doing the workouts anyway, it wouldn't hurt to join the contest and have the support from the TT Members Forum. There are male and female categories this time with the top prize being $1000 plus a 3 year platinum membership to the TTMembers site.

My start date will be this Sunday, December 28. In the 5 weeks since TC3 ended (for me), I've been on a muscle building diet and I've gained back a few pounds, which was intentional; although I didn't gain the pounds back as slowly as I planned (too many cookies - LOL). And now my midsection isn't quite as defined as it was, and I'm finding I don't like that! ;)

For TC4, I've adopted these 10 rules/goals:
1. I will make every workout count
2. I will drink less diet soda
3. I will weigh myself ONLY once per week
4. I will eat 2200-2500 calories per day while building muscle (to be reassessed as needed)
5. I will eat cleanly, but will allow treat meals
6. I will eat 5-7 fruits/vegetables per day
7. I will not worry about gaining extra weight while building muscle
8. I will not be neurotic with my diet
9. I will not be grumpy at my family
10. I will enjoy the contest and will not allow it to stress me out

If anyone out there is interested in joining, you can see the rules here:

Turbulence Training Contest Rules

And you can get your own copy of TT here:

Turbulence Training for Fat Loss

When you purchase TT, you get 3 months free to the forums, so you will have access to all the contest forums and could see what past winners ate, and what TT programs they used, etc. And if you wanted to join the contest, you just start your own thread in the Fourth Transformation Contest forum, and presto you're in! Hope to see you there!


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;-) You will.


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Love the blog. Love the food pics. I will be coming here for recipe ideas for sure!

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