Monday, December 29, 2008

First New Workout And I Hate Being Sick

Got my first new workout in today. It kicked my butt. It doesn't help that I think I am coming down with a cold. Blah. I chose TT 2K5 as my workout for the first 4 weeks of the contest. (2K5 just refers to the year Craig created the workout.) I used 2K3 in the first contest, and 2K4 in the second contest. I didn't use any of the "numbered" ones for the third contest, so now I am using 2K5 to start this one. It's sort of an upper body/lower body split, which I don't always like. However, Workout A is more total body and incorporates some spiderman push ups and a bench press with the 1-legged squats and Romanian Deadlifts. Workout B is much more upper body focused with incline presses, chin ups, and inverted rows. First exercise this morning? 1-legged squats. Oh, man, am I feeling those tonight. I can't do them all the way to the floor. I squat down onto a bench. One of these days I want to try them using the cable stack rope for support and see how low I can go. But I'm a little bit chicken to try it out in front of everyone. Bawk Bawk BAWK!! One day very soon though....Maybe this Saturday morning. The gym is usually pretty empty when I go early on Saturday mornings. Hmmm....well, I'll let you know!


hk said...

niiicee- sounds good!

Kelly Olexa said...

Feel better! Being sick SUCKS! I know!! I was out for like 3 whole weeks!! ;-)

Krissa said...

Those one legged squats are VERY challenging. You will get there though, I am sure.

Hope you feel better.

STBF said...

Abby, like everything you set your sites'll conquer the evil single-leg squat. I'm still in the beginning stages of doing that one. Hope the cold goes away in a rapid fashion...being sick sucks (and makes you want to work out harder).

Happy New Year

Mike Z

Jessica said...

Being sick is never fun! Ever. But those 1-legged squats will make you forget you were feeling bad anywhere else but your legs and butt. :)