Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TT Contest Week 6: Something In The Water?

Half way done already! This week's workouts went well, but nutrition was sub-par. I was really busy with work and was off-site so I couldn't bring my lunch the way I normally do. I did bring some almonds for a snack, but there were a few things I just couldn't control. Workouts looked like this:

Sunday - 3.37 miles (34:20)
Monday - TT AAA, Workout A
Tuesday - Pace workout 6x400, totals: 4.3 miles (50:00)
Wednesday - TT AAA, Workout B
Thursday - 3 mile easy run (30:14)Friday - TT AAA, Workout C
Saturday - warm up, 5K "pseudo race" (29:25), cool down, totals: 4.29 miles (44:59)

As I was out running on Saturday, I noticed how many rabbits were in the neighborhood. They were all over! Usually it's the squirrels I see all over, but this spring it's been bunny rabbits. On the subject of squirrels, however, I have been seeing a number of blonde squirrels. Usually they are gray around here, but I've seen 3 or 4 blondies - and in different places in the neighborhood. So either there is something in the water, or somebody is spreading around the gene pool, if you know what I mean (wink, wink).

And speaking of something in the water, on last Wednesday my husband took the kids to the pet store for a new fish to replace Lily who passed away last week. Before they even went to the pet store, my son decided the fish should be named "Lily" and my daughter wanted to name it "Spots". So they went to the pet store and a picked out a silvery fish with one orange spot on it's head. And so "Lily Spots" was brought home and placed in the fish tank with Dorothy. On Saturday when I went to feed them, they were both dead. I was absolutely devastated. Even more than the kids, I think. Dorothy was a very hearty goldfish. Yes, she was 3 years old, but she was perfectly healthy! I have 2 theories:

1. Lily Spots brought home something from the pet store
2. We didn't have the air conditioning on, so maybe it got too hot and there wasn't enough oxygen in the water?

It's just very odd that they both died at the same time. I feel horrible about it!!

Finally, another water-related item. We got out the slip-n-slide this weekend and my husband had such fine form, I had to share a picture. Enjoy!


Shantay said...

Hey Abby! Love reading your posts... so I thought I would comment. I can't wait to see your results from this contest.

I scanned the blog and didnt see patio pix. Is that still a work in progress? We are building a deck and it is gonna take some time!

Abby said...

Hi Shantay! Thanks for stopping by. The patio is complete and all of the grass seed is finally growing. I hope to post pics very soon! :)

Shantay said...

Awesome news Abby on the Patio. How are things, I noticed you have posted this month. :)