Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TT Contest Week 3: It's Tough Being An Ant

Week 3 ended for me on last Sunday. I'm a little late with this post; time seems to be moving in fast forward!

Week 3 went pretty well overall. Nutrition was decent, and workouts went well. I got a little off track over Memorial Day Weekend, but overall things went well. So far, I am down about 3 lbs and 1% bodyfat. I have made a few changes in the past couple weeks. First, I started eating lunch later. Then I started moving back my afternoon snack. Finally, we started eating dinner later. We used to eat dinner around 5-5:30; now it's closer to 7:00pm. This has really helped me cut down on my evening snacking.

This past Monday we grilled on our new (nearly finished!) patio. The grill actually came with the house but we never used it because it was filthy dirty. When we built the patio, we decided to clean up the grill and put it to use. I'm happy to report that the maiden voyage was a complete success! [Hopefully I'll have patio pictures soon - just waiting for the new grass to grow! :) ]

As we were finishing lunch, we noticed an ant making off with a crumb of hamburger bun that was at least the same size as he was. I was quite impressed with his tenacity. He headed off the patio due south and dragged this crumb off the patio, through the dirt, and finally all the way across the lawn to the other side of the yard. It took him 30 minutes of pretty hard work. (Yes, I watched the entire time.) At one point another ant came along and I thought I may have to help the ant fend off the intruder, but the other ant went away. I actually began to cheer for the ant to make it to his destination. And then when he got there, I promptly sprinkled Ortho Home Defense Max all over the ginormous anthill in the yard. Some days it's tough being an ant.

Have a great week!

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