Saturday, June 12, 2010

TT Contest Weeks 4 and 5: A Moment of Silence

This past week we laid to rest our pet, Lily. She was 3 years old and really had become part of the family. My husband gave the ceremony with a tear in his eye, and as he laid her in her final resting place, my son asked, "Does she teleport to fish heaven?" After which my daughter asked, "Now she's swimming in pee-pee?"

You see, Lily is our pet goldfish. :)

She was named "Lily" because my son had trouble saying the "L" sound. Our other fish is named Dorothy. We got them both at a county fair 3 years ago. That's a really long time for a "fair fish" to live! I think we will need to buy another fish now. Dorothy is looking a little lonely.

The past 2 weeks have really gone fast. I began my half marathon training and Week 4 looked like this:

Monday: TT Hotzone Workout A, 2.3 mile easy run
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: TT Hotzone Workout B, short 2 mile pace workout
Thursday: 3 mile easy run
Friday: TT Hotzone Workout, 20 minute "High Intensity" run
Saturday: 5 mile long run
Sunday: 3 mile easy run

And that was the end of the TT Hotzone Fat Loss workout. During Week 5 I began TT AAA Abs workout (AAA stands for Awesome, Amazing, Axcellent) and I really like it so far. I chose it because there aren't any of the more formal intervals and so I thought it would be easier to fit in pace and stride workouts. Instead of treadmill/bike intervals there are a mix of bodyweight intervals, extra supersets and circuit training. And even though it's an ab workout, there are no crunches! So Week 5 looked like this:

Monday: TT AAA Workout A
Tuesday: 30 minute tempo run, total time - 45:00, 4.15 miles
Wednesday: TT AAA Workout B
Thursday: 3 mile stride workout
Friday: TT AAA Workout C
Saturday (today): 6 mile long run
Sunday (tomorrow): 3.5 mile run

Have a great week!

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