Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 4 In Review - Oh. My. Goodness.

I have sore muscles that I didn't even know existed! One of the reasons is certainly from doing exercises that I've never done before and using machines that I've never used before. For example, this week I used the rear delt machine, which I've never used. I tend to stay away from machines, but this program uses just a couple. I decided that if I was going to use this program, I would use the machines. The only exception is the lying leg curl. The last time I used that machine (years ago), I threw out my back. So I won't use that one again.

Workouts went really well. I began Phase 2, which is made up of supersets. The supersets use the same muscle groups, with lower weight/higher reps for the first exercise and higher weight/lower reps for the second exercise. I can tell that I have gained muscle, which is pretty cool. Even though I have gained some fat as well.

Today I ran for 7.25 miles. I didn't try to break any records; I just picked a pace that felt good and stuck with it for most of the run. The first mile went well, but at the end of the second mile it started to mist and I was running against the wind. After I turned around, the wind was behind me and it stopped misting. Around the fourth mile, I turned a corner (literally, not figuratively) and the wind was coming at me from the side. I got a little chilly because the wind was blowing right across all my sweat and was making me cold. During the fifth mile it started to mist again and during the sixth mile I turned back into the wind. Between the wind and the rain and me being warm, my glasses were so foggy and water-spotted that I could hardly see through them. The start of the last mile was tough because it felt like I was in a wind tunnel. I finished in 1:19:42 (about an 11:00 pace).

Nutrition this week was hit and miss. I would do really well, and then fall off the wagon. One day I ate an entire bag of trail mix, another day I reacquainted myself with the peanut butter jar.

I saw a really great bumper sticker this week - If you believe you can tell me what to think, then I believe I can tell you where to go. :)

Next week will be similar to this week workout-wise; I will be adding another set to each superset and the reps will be slightly less, so I should be able to raise the weight on some of the exercises.

Have a great week!

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