Sunday, December 20, 2009

OK, So I'm Feeling Like A Wimp

I was all fired up yesterday because I was going to run outside. I got up, ate a banana, and then decided to go grocery shopping first to let the banana digest. When I left the grocery store, it felt cold, windy, and was starting to snow, so I...went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. Argh!

So I felt a little wimpy about that. :)

But I did have a good workout at the gym. Here's my treadmill workout:

Time - Speed
0-6:00 (5.0mph)
6-6:30 (8.0mph)
6:30-8 (5.0mph)
8-8:30 (8.1mph)
8:30-10 (5.0mph)
10-10:30 (8.2mph)
10:30-12 (5.0mph)
12-12:30 (8.2mph)
12:30-14 (5.0mph)
14-14:30 (8.1mph)
14:30-16 (5.0mph)
16-16:30 (8.0mph)
16:30-18 (5.0mph)
18-23:30 (5.5mph)
23:30-43:30 (6.0mph)
43:30-49 (5.5mph)
46-55:00 (5.0mph)
55-60:00 walking cooldown

Totals: 60 minutes, 5.42 miles

While I was working out, I realized I listened to two songs with the title of "Halo" - one by Depeche Mode, and one by Porcupine Tree. Which do I like better? Hmmm...It's close. I really like both bands, but I think I like the Depeche Mode "Halo" more. :)

And here's the link to this week's TT Fat Loss Call: Weekly TT Call This week Craig talks about how many calories you burn during different activities (including Wii games), mindless eating and the TT Fusion 2K6 Workout.

Have a great day!!

Disclosure: This post does not contain an affiliate link. I just think the calls are fun to listen to. :)


Air said...

Hi there! Just stumbled upon your blog. Great work, and I love your recipes! And wow, amazing transformation. You look fantastic. I hope I can pull off a bod like that after children!

I noticed you do a variety of workouts...check out It's my new addiction and the workouts are short and INTENSE. I've never heard of Turbulence Training...I will have to check this out too!

Abby said...

Thanks for stopping by! :)