Saturday, December 12, 2009

Falling Off the Wagon, Rolling Downhill, Getting Trampled by the Horse...

So the past 2 days have been pretty awful nutrition-wise.

I had been doing so well and then one little sugar craving and it all goes south. It started Thursday with a stressful afternoon at work. Then when my husband picked me up from work, the roads were so icy and horrible, it took us 2.5 hours to make a trip that should have taken 15-20 minutes. Since it was close to 7:00 and we were not at home, and the kids were hungry and cranky, we ended up having pizza for dinner. The pizza itself wasn't too bad, it was the chocolate chip cookie chasers that did me in.

So Friday I woke up craving more sugar and I gave in all day. The roads were still bad Friday evening, and we went and got family pictures taken. The photography studio was busy and noisy, which makes it more stressful, and my willpower was already toast.

This morning I had a slightly running nose and a sore throat. That almost always happens if I eat too much junk. Either my body must be allergic, or the sugar suppresses my immune system, or a little bit of both. I think I read somewhere how sugar can affect the immune system. Does this happen to anyone else? It's like a junk food hangover. Blech. Update: So 5 minutes after posting this, I was catching up on some of the blogs in my blog list and someone else had posted about this very topic! You can read that post HERE if you are interested.

But today is a new day. I had a good workout this morning and am feeling good. I did my TT intervals, and then did some running at the end in order to complete my 4-6 mile longish run for the week. The whole run felt really good and I actually ran faster and farther than I had planned. Maybe it's from all the extra carbs I ate last night, or maybe it's the new shoes....

Finally decided I needed new running shoes! These are the Saucony Triumph 7; I previously had the Triumph 6, but when I went to get new ones, they didn't have the 6 in my size.

After stretching, I walked by the chin up bar and jumped up to see how many I could do. I still felt really good and managed 7 full chin ups...while listening to Tiffany. (Yes, I have Tiffany on my mp3 player.) For some reason I found the juxtaposition of listening to girly, pop Tiffany and doing full chin ups amusing. :)

So today will be a good day because I will make it a good day. Time to kick the sugar cravings to the curb.

Have a great day everyone!!

PS. If my brother is reading this, I need your wife's Christmas list ASAP, or else she's just getting pajamas this year. :)


Krissa said...

Thats funny about the pajamas :)

I hear you on the stress. I get the same way. If I have a stressful day at work, I know I will probably want chocolate or sugar of any kind to relieve the stress for all of two minutes, then stress again, then "use" again and it just keeps going and going in that horrible cycle.

Love the new shoes. I tried on some Sauconys today too but I wasnt 100% sold on them. I bought 125 dollar ascics that I thought would last a long time... turns out they are crap and not even comfortable. I should have done my research. I usually LOVE asics. Anyway...I think I will go back to get the Sauconys.

I love your positive attitude!

Good job on the run. You are so FIT!

Abby said...

It really is a horrible cycle! I had been doing really well - even stayed out of the peanut m&m's at work for 93 days! (I had a count on my blog for awhile.) But I know I am an emotional eater so I just have to be conscious of what I am eating and how I am feeling.

About the shoes - my first pair of "real" running shoes were by Saucony and I really liked them so I stuck with them. I've never tried Asics. I hope you find ones that you like!