Thursday, January 12, 2012

Support And Motivation for Weight Loss

Today I finished the first week of Shawna K's Pull Up Challenge Workout. I've been trying to think of a shortened name, but PUC isn't working for me. :)

Workout 2 on Tuesday was similar to Workout 1 in structure - 13 exercises done in straight sets. Workout 3 was a little different; it was straight sets with a few supersets thrown in - 16 exercises total! Which sounds like a lot, but many of them were only 2 sets with short rest periods. I finished in about 35 minutes. No workout on Friday and Saturday, then I start Week 2 on Sunday.

In other local news, I joined a weight loss challenge at work. Not because I need to lose weight, but mostly to support my friends who have joined, and for motivation. And if I happen to lose a few pounds, then it will help the team! :)

And speaking of motivation and support, Friday, January 13 is the last day to join the 13th TT Transformation Contest! If your lucky number is 13, then this is your lucky day! :)

Social support is one of the keys to successful weight loss. So tomorrow morning, get up, put on some workout wear or a bathing suit, grab your local newspaper, and take a picture or two. You don't have to get your support from the TT Forums like I do, you can have a buddy take their Before pictures as well! Read the rules for the contest here: TT Contest Rules

Then, all you have left is to choose which TT workout to use. Complete the first workout, see how it feels. After a couple workouts, you may start thinking, "Hmmm, if I tweaked my diet, I would have better results." And before you know it, the 12 weeks are done and you are taking your After pictures. For inspiration, check out recent winners: TT Contest Winners

Have a great day and Good Luck!

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